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FlatCapPhtos ? Who ? Why ?


A lot of people ask me ...”Why FlatCapPhotos?”.......simple......I like flat caps, i own many......although I normally only wear one at a time !

My name is Damian White and I’ve been taking photos and playing with cameras since the age of 11 when my Dad bought me my first 35mm SLR, a Zenit E !    39 years later I’m still at it, although the equipment has changed over the years.

Having played in bands for many years I have a love for live music of any genre and as such love to photograph bands and people at gigs. To catch a musician or a member of an audience, unawares, in a moment of raw passion is a magic thing. This is what I do best.

Having worked for many event organisers, I also have an understanding of where and when the best images will appear at events as well.

If you want inspiring and memorable images that define you, your band, or your event, let me know and I’ll be there like a shot.

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